We make a significant impact on the growth, development, and transformation of our economy and society by developing our people, embracing new technology, conserving our environment, and helping improve lives in the communities in which we operate.

About Service

What We Provide

Sprout Africa manages to solve critical business issues by combining our unique approach with a quality team. Through our consulting projects, we showcase our core values: commitment, innovation, excellence and efficiency and what sets Sprout Africa apart is the ability to integrate these principles into each of our projects.

Our Offer


Support and consultancy services are typically geared to address constraints such as excessive post-harvest losses, distance to markets, poor transport or storage infrastructure, poor selling or negotiation skills, pricing problems, inappropriate use of marketing channels, etc.

Stakeholder Engagement

This not only enables small-scale farmers to gain access to the appropriate and more profitable markets but also benefits other stakeholders in the agricultural value chain (large buyers such as agents, processors and retailers) who will gain reliable access to fresh farm products while improving their BEE status through supporting small-scale farmers and engaging in rural development.

Access To Markets

Sprout Africa, therefore, provides market support services specifically geared to address and overcome these constraints, enabling small-scale farmers to become reliable, consistent, and volume coordinated suppliers of farm products to modern agricultural and food supply chains.

Business Development

Sprout Africa also offers services geared to the development of Farm Business Development. A Farm Business Development Plan is a detailed plan which outlines activities to do and targets to reach over the short to long term to ensure that the farm is established, operated, and managed as a profitable business.

We Are Sprout Africa

Let's Grow Together.

We partner with our farmers to develop engaging business strategies, design high quality and scalable solutions that are sustainable, and are committed to providing the necessary guidance needed to take action.

Why Choose Us

Offering the best training and positioning you for the modern world.


The ability to feed the future is vested in the proper conservation of the land and environment we are living in today.


This shared passion runs as a common thread that unites us with all other farmers in the industry.


Agriculture is a people business. Therefore we encourage partnership, volunteerism, and mentorship among the stakeholders along the value chain of our products.

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